List Of Sponsors Of IPL : IPL 2023 Title Sponsors & Official Partners

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is not just a cricket tournament; it is a cultural phenomenon that captivates millions of fans across the globe. IPL brings together top cricketing talent from around the world and showcases the pinnacle of T20 cricket. Alongside the thrilling matches and exceptional cricketing skills, the IPL is also renowned for its high-profile sponsors and official partners who contribute to the grandeur of the event. As we gear up for IPL 2023, let’s take a look at the list of sponsors and official partners who will be associated with this prestigious tournament.

TATA: Title Sponsor of IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has announced TATA as the title sponsor for the highly anticipated IPL 2023 season. TATA, a renowned conglomerate with a rich history and global presence, has entered into a partnership that promises to elevate the IPL experience for fans worldwide.

As the title sponsor, TATA’s brand name will take center stage across all IPL promotional materials, on-field branding, and television broadcasts. This prestigious association highlights TATA’s commitment to supporting sports and its recognition of the IPL’s immense popularity and influence.

TATA, founded in 1868, is one of India’s oldest and most respected business groups. With diverse interests spanning multiple sectors such as automotive, steel, telecommunications, and hospitality, TATA has established itself as a symbol of trust, innovation, and social responsibility.

By becoming the title sponsor of IPL 2023, TATA aims to leverage the tournament’s massive reach to enhance its brand visibility and engage with millions of passionate cricket enthusiasts. The IPL provides a platform for TATA to showcase its values, expertise, and commitment to excellence while connecting with a broad and diverse audience.

List Of Sponsors Of IPL

TATA’s association with the IPL goes beyond mere sponsorship. It represents a partnership that aligns the core values of both entities – a pursuit of excellence, dedication to quality, and a passion for delivering unforgettable experiences. TATA’s deep-rooted commitment to fostering talent and nurturing growth resonates with the IPL’s objective of providing a stage for young cricketers to shine and achieve their dreams.

As the title sponsor, TATA will not only contribute to the IPL’s success but also play a significant role in driving its positive impact on society. TATA’s extensive corporate social responsibility initiatives, which encompass education, healthcare, and community development, align perfectly with the IPL’s vision of promoting sportsmanship, inclusivity, and social progress.

The partnership between TATA and the IPL is a testament to the growing significance of sports sponsorships and their ability to create synergies between brands and fans. Through this collaboration, TATA aims to strengthen its connection with consumers, reinforce its market leadership, and inspire the next generation of cricketers and entrepreneurs.

With TATA taking the helm as the title sponsor of IPL 2023, fans can expect an enthralling season filled with remarkable cricketing moments, exciting contests, and a celebration of the spirit of the game. This association not only showcases the IPL’s ability to attract prominent sponsors but also highlights the tournament’s stature as one of the world’s premier sporting events.

Official Partners of IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is renowned for its stellar line-up of sponsors and official partners who contribute to the success and grandeur of the tournament. As we gear up for IPL 2023, let’s take a closer look at the official partners who will be associated with this prestigious cricket extravaganza.


Dream11, a fantasy sports platform, continues its long-standing association with the IPL as an official partner for IPL 2023. Dream11 offers fans an opportunity to showcase their cricketing knowledge and skills by creating virtual teams and competing against each other. As an official partner, Dream11 adds an element of excitement and engagement for fans, making the IPL experience even more immersive.

Saudi Tourism Authority:

Saudi Tourism Authority joins the IPL as an official partner for the upcoming season. This partnership signifies the growing global appeal and reach of the IPL, attracting sponsors from various industries. The association with Saudi Tourism Authority opens doors to exploring the rich cultural heritage and attractions of Saudi Arabia, promoting tourism and fostering cultural exchange.


CRED: CRED, a high-end credit card payment platform, has become an official partner of IPL 2023. CRED’s association with the IPL brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to the tournament. Through this partnership, CRED aims to engage with its target audience and promote its services, while also adding value to the IPL experience for fans.


Upstox: Upstox, a leading online discount brokerage firm, has secured its place as an official partner of IPL 2023. Upstox’s partnership with the IPL reinforces the growing significance of the financial and investment industry in the world of sports. This association serves as a platform to showcase Upstox’s offerings and connect with a wider audience, highlighting the brand’s commitment to innovation and accessibility.


Herbalife: Herbalife, a global nutrition company, enters the IPL as an official partner, aiming to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Herbalife’s association with the IPL underscores the importance of nutrition and well-being for athletes and fans alike. Through this partnership, Herbalife will contribute to the overall fitness and well-being of players and fans, emphasizing the role of nutrition in sports performance.


RuPay, India’s homegrown card payment network, joins the IPL as an official partner for IPL 2023. RuPay’s association with the IPL showcases its commitment to supporting Indian sports and promoting digital payments. As a popular and widely accepted payment solution in India, RuPay’s partnership with the IPL brings convenience and efficiency to transactions associated with the tournament.

Star Sports: Official Broadcast Partner

Star Sports, the leading sports broadcasting network, has once again cemented its position as the official broadcast partner for IPL 2023. With its unmatched expertise and extensive reach, Star Sports brings the exhilarating IPL action directly into the living rooms of millions of cricket enthusiasts around the world. Through its high-definition coverage, insightful commentary, and innovative presentation, Star Sports ensures that fans never miss a moment of the IPL’s thrilling matches, captivating performances, and nail-biting finishes. As the official broadcast partner, Star Sports continues to elevate the viewing experience, making IPL accessible to a wide and diverse audience, and further solidifying its status as the go-to destination for all cricket lovers.


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