Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan favourite cricketer and IPL team

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan has always been vocal about her love for cricket and her admiration for various cricketers. Recently, she delighted her fans by sharing her favorite cricketer and her preferred team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Let’s dive into Sara Ali Khan’s cricketing preferences and discover who she supports on and off the silver screen. Read More

Sara Ali Khan’s Favourite Cricketer

Sara Ali Khan, known for her infectious energy and vivacious personality, has often expressed her fondness for the game of cricket. During a recent interaction with her fans, she revealed her favorite cricketer, and it came as no surprise to many. Sara Ali Khan’s favourite cricketer is none other than the charismatic and talented Indian skipper, Virat Kohli.

bollywood actress sara ali khan names her favourite cricketer and ipl team
Sara Ali Khan (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Virat Kohli Connection

Sara Ali Khan’s admiration for Virat Kohli is evident from her social media posts and interviews. She has expressed her appreciation for his batting prowess, leadership skills, and his ability to inspire his team on numerous occasions. Sara’s admiration for Virat Kohli extends beyond his cricketing abilities; she has also spoken highly of his discipline, work ethic, and determination, which she finds incredibly inspiring.

Sara Ali Khan’s Preferred IPL Team

In addition to her favourite cricketer, Sara Ali Khan has also revealed her preferred team in the IPL, which keeps her glued to the television during the thrilling matches. Being a Mumbai girl, it is no surprise that her allegiance lies with the Mumbai Indians (MI). The Mumbai Indians, under the leadership of Rohit Sharma, have been one of the most successful teams in the history of the IPL, with several title wins to their credit.

The Mumbai Indians Connect

Sara Ali Khan’s association with the Mumbai Indians goes beyond her love for the city. The actress has been seen cheering for the Mumbai Indians during their matches, both in the stadium and through her social media posts. She often dons the blue jersey, the team’s official color, and enthusiastically supports them in their quest for victory.

Sporting Spirit and Bollywood

The connection between Bollywood and cricket is not new, with many actors and actresses being avid cricket enthusiasts. Sara Ali Khan’s love for the game and her vocal support for her favourite cricketer and IPL team further solidify this bond. Her passion for cricket showcases the immense popularity and influence of the sport in India, where cricket is considered more than just a game—it is a unifying force that brings people together, irrespective of their backgrounds.


Sara Ali Khan, the talented Bollywood actress, has revealed her favourite cricketer and IPL team, displaying her love for the game and her support for Indian cricket. Her admiration for Virat Kohli and her allegiance to the Mumbai Indians reflect her enthusiasm and connection with both cricket and her roots. As the cricketing world and Bollywood continue to intertwine, it is refreshing to see celebrities like Sara Ali Khan passionately embracing the sport and becoming a part of the ever-growing cricketing culture in India.


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